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The Student Portal is a web portal where all information and all services that students need can be found in one place.

Purpose of student portal:

  • increased and easier communications with faculty
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  • Sep/28/2015
    ئاگەهداری... سەرۆکاتییا زانکۆیا زاخۆ ئاگەهدارییا هەموو مامۆستا و قوتابیان د کەت .دەواما فەرمییا زانکۆیا زاخۆ دێ ل 29/9/2015 ێ دەستپێکەت.بۆ سالا خواندنێ 2015-2016 . ئەڤجا سالا خواندنێ یا نوو2015-2016 ل هەموو قوتابی و مامۆستایان پیرۆزبیت و ببیتە سالا سەرک

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UoZ Participated in IKRUPP 2015 Program

  • Sep 28, 2015

Fifteen faculty members representing eight state Kurdistan universities including Zakho, Soran, Saladdin, Raparin, Koya,Halabja, Garmian, and Sulaimani universities participated in IKRUPP 2015 program held in Washingto DC, and Virginia tech from 22nd of J

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The University of Zakho Participated in the International Conference SuDBE 2015

  • Sep 28, 2015

Dr. Kamil Mansoor Yousif, lecturer at the Environmental Science Dept. at the University of Zakho, took part in the 7th International Conference on Sustainable Development in Building and Environment–SuDBE2015, which was held in Reading, UK, on 27th to 2

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University of Zakho participated in the "World Congress and Expo on Applied Microbiology"

  • Sep 28, 2015

The University of Zakho participated in the "World Congress and Expo on Applied Microbiology" which was held from 18-20 August, 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany. Prof.Dr. Husham Bayazed, Consultant at the Scientific Research Center, University of Zakho, attende

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Collaboration Program between the University of Oldenburg and the University of Zakho

  • Sep 06, 2015

A collaboration program between the University of Oldenburg (under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Christoph Lienau) and the University of Zakho (under the supervision of Dr. Diyar Sadiq and Dr. Shaker M. Rasheed) was realized, in order to increase the knowl

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2015-10-11 01:52:35
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Opening of Evening Classes at UoZ for the Academic Year 2015/2016 Aug 20, 2015


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